About Us

Lakeshore Association of Neighbours (LAKAN) was organized in 1990 by a group of devoted Filipino-Canadian families to foster friendship and camaraderie through sports among the communities in the Greater Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding areas.

Now, on its 25th year in existence, the Association continues to hold religious activities (such as the Pabasa, which we Filipinos have long been associated with) and basketball intercolour tournaments. Members (young and old alike) go to Franklin Horner Community Centre every Friday to play basketball - the young ones to improve their skills and hone their craft while the young "once" to continue to stay fit and healthy.

Since basketball is a well-loved sport of many Filipinos, young and old, the association placed their focus on this particular sport. LAKAN became popular because of this and many families, especially those with children. The children get involved in an active lifestyle by participating in our annual inter-colour basketball tournament from September – December. In addition, children are also able to take the opportunity to develop and improve their basketball skills by joining other basketball leagues in order to raise their level of competitiveness. These children grow up together and ultimately become friends sharing a common interest.

LAKAN’s goal, through the basketball program, is to make sure that the youth are kept away from the bad influences of a particular environment or surrounding.