The 25th celebration of LAKAN celebrates unity and thanksgiving. I wish to express my heartful thanks to the founders for laying the building blocks which created a strong organization, whose vision and passion are to foster friendship and leadership. We are proud to celebrate this milestone through sports among the communities touched by LAKAN in the Greater Toronto Area.
As we move forward to our next 25th years, I hope to strengthen that foundation and see a growth and provide recognition. As we face challenges, we will unite and provide support to each other and focus on the importance on what this organization truly is. We will focus on the promising talent and our children’s needs. We will recognize the rights of all. Our society benefits through LAKAN by sustaining a healthy population and also a healthy social well-being. We will recognize the hearts of all LAKAN has touched.
As we lift our faith and trust and gratitude from our past accomplishments, we will also raise our hearts in asking for the blessing of the Holy Spirit to guide us as we continue our journey. Together, may we all find strength in each other as we journey towards the fullness of life and for the next generations to come.

Jose (Bong) Maliksi
LAKAN Coordinator